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Meet Our Care Champions

Get to know some of the people who make personalized support possible for Pfizer Oncology patients.
  • Meet Tiffany

    “I try to connect with people in a relatable way, listen to them, and offer a helping hand. One of the best rewards of being a Care Champion is listening to patients’ reactions when they call in and realize there are resources to help them.”

  • Meet Latoya

    “I enjoy being supportive of others and am humbled by the chance to assist patients. As a Care Champion, I love knowing that every day I have an opportunity to help make a difference in somebody’s life.”

  • Meet Erika

    “Being a Care Champion gives me the opportunity to support patients by connecting them to resources that help them cope with what they’re going through. Simply being of service to others is the most rewarding aspect of my job.”

  • Meet Nicole

    “Being a Care Champion lets me be that caring and compassionate person on the other end of the phone who’s ready to help. To know that I’ve helped a patient in some small way is one of the greatest rewards for me.”